The shirt is a key part of any corporate wardrobe. A well-fitting shirt in an appealing design and colour can enhance all other aspects you your outfit.

The shirt designs can vary widely. Choose from a short sleeved or long sleeved shirt, or opt for the more versatile three-quarter length sleeved shirts. Then opt for a collar type that fits your image, such a button down collar for a more formal appearance, or open-necked shirt for a more casual yet smart look. These choices can be combined with the best type of material for your needs. For example with the Jon Monsir collection of material ranging for 100% silk, cotton, or mixed and polyester, you can have clothing that is hard wearing, comfortable to wear, stylish and easy to maintain!

There are a number of styles and fits to suit your requirements. Slim, classic, or a combination of these as provided in the European collection, are just some of the style choices available to you. There is an increasing demand fort tailored solutions for workers in highly customer-facing occupations. Even if you don’t want a fully tailored solution, Jon Monsir can modify specific aspects of their products, such as sleeve length, collar width, clothing length, to suit your particular needs.

Our colours are diverse. The greys, blues, blacks tend to be more suited to the corporate environment, although these can be teamed with splashes of colour if required, such as by teaming up with vests or cardigans. Similarly, we have a wide range of patterns, such as from colour blocks to stripes and checks of various sizes.