BY Frances Carroll (Analyst)   /   26th April, 2016


Uniforms have traditionally been the answer to many successful businesses maintaining their company image, but they are drawing even more appeal today - in new ways.

Uniforms have in the past been rather boring in a fashion sense, but today we are seeing much more variety in types of uniform wear and in the quality of the outfits.

The main advantages of moving to unique, stylish, quality uniform garments are:

The professionalism of a company is often indicated by the presentation of its employees in the marketplace. Use of quality stylish garments reinforce this image. For example, use of logos on suits, mix and match skirts, blouses and jackets etc. provides a smart, quality, professional image to customers.

A differentiator for the company is an important marketing technique. The new trend towards tailor-made garments that are unique to a particular company is a critical aspect of this technique. This is more than just use of colour and logos, but actual garment design that brings a company into the modern world and presents the company in a distinctive, recognisable way to its customers.

More and more it is becoming difficult to attract and retain the best workers. It has been found that a large appeal to workers is when a company uses modern, stylish clothing. The concept of ??capsule wardrobe is taking off, especially in USA. As John Oliver (Fashion, HBO) noted, employees are tired of having to choose from the enormous range of clothing now on the market and the cost of clothes (and their maintenance). Stylish uniforms remove these concerns as well as reduce the stress of decision making and time spent on shopping that wardrobes require.

There are now uniform suppliers such as Jon Monsir Uniforms that can help with fashion design and fabric choice, while a few even have professional models involved in the introduction of these new types of uniforms into companies.

This is a new phase of uniform development - and astute companies will be keen to take advantage if this trend.

Frances Carroll (Analyst)

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